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Hillsborough Residents Get ‘Switched On’ at Phoenix Public Information Event

Hillsborough Residents Get ‘Switched On’ at Phoenix Public Information Event image

Hillsborough residents and business owners met recently with representatives of Phoenix Natural Gas at their Hillsborough Public Information Event to learn more about the planned works schedule to extend the natural gas pipeline into the town and bring the benefits of natural gas to over 1,700 properties.

The Hillsborough Public Information Event took place from Tuesday 24th – Thursday 26th January at the Hillsborough Visitors Centre and provided an opportunity for locals to meet with representatives from Phoenix Natural Gas and view the planned works maps.

Geri Wright, Communications Manager at Phoenix Natural Gas said, “Phoenix Natural Gas is committed to working with the local community to develop an efficient and practical programme of works that will minimise disruption to the area.

“This event aimed to inform the community about upcoming works and provide a forum for locals to voice their concerns or ask questions. We were delighted to welcome over 150 visitors over the three days and meet the community individually to discuss the programme.

“We were pleased with the positive response we received and it is encouraging to see the enthusiasm for natural gas in the area. Phoenix Natural Gas is now working to bring this fuel choice to home owners in Hillsborough and customers will soon be able to enjoy the benefits natural gas can bring such as high efficiency central heating boilers, instant heat, constant supply and the creation of additional space, inside and out.”

Local resident and Hillsborough Steering Group representative, Robert Lucas, said; “This is a highly anticipated project for the people of Hillsborough and, having met with Phoenix Natural Gas on several occasions through the Hillsborough Steering Group and the Public Information Event, I am satisfied that the project has been well considered.”

“Whilst an element of disruption is inevitable with an infrastructure project of this size, I am confident that the plan presented represents an efficient and safe works programme that considers the historic nature of our town and the requirements of our community.”

“Phoenix Natural Gas is continuing to engage with local community groups, business owners and local schools to minimise disruption and I look forward to continuing this relationship as works get underway to bring this important new utility to the area.”

Phoenix Natural Gas works are scheduled to commence on Main Street, Hillsborough from 6th March 2017 for a period of approximately eight weeks. Traffic diversions will operate in the area throughout the duration and residents and business owners will be notified directly in advance.

(Caption): Hillsborough locals met recently with representatives of Phoenix Natural Gas at their Hillsborough Public Information Event to get ‘switched on’ to the upcoming works schedule to extend the natural gas pipeline into the town and bring the benefits of natural gas to over 1,700 properties.

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Installing natural gas central heating does eliminate the need for a separate hot water tank, so it is possible to free up some space where the hot press currently exists. However, it is not a requirement of installing natural gas central heating that your hot water tank is removed, so it is entirely your choice.

Homeowners installing a new central heating appliance will be required to make an application to the Builiding Control department of their local council prior to work commencing.

Once you have requested your connection to the natural gas network, it can take up to 15 working days to get a planned connection date. Your natural gas connection is installed over approximately 5 working days, which includes re-instatement on private and public property.  The final stage is the internal installation completed by your installer which (depending on the work involved) can take on average 3 working days.

Currently Phoenix Natural Gas offers a free connection to the natural gas network, worth up to £750.  Work to install your natural gas appliance, e.g. central heating or gas fire is carried out by an independent Gas Safe registered installer.  Details of these installers can be found here.

There would be more energy saving benefits to change everything at once, but we realise that family budgets may prevent this. It is possible to change over in stages, as financial considerations allow.

As with any major home improvement there will be an element of disruption, although both Phoenix Natural Gas and Gas Safe registered installation companies (registered with Phoenix Natural Gas) will aim to keep this to an absolute minimum.

The network operator provides and maintains the natural gas network.  The supplier buys gas which they then sell to consumers via the network operator’s network.  Your supplier is your first point of contact for billing queries and payment card requests.

Phoenix Natural Gas is the gas transporter and network operator.  We do not supply natural gas.  Details of gas suppliers in the greater Belfast area can be found here.

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Please call your gas supplier or 03454 55 55 55 for help and advice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Phoenix Natural Gas is the network operator and not the gas supplier.  Therefore, you will need to speak to your gas supplier.  Details of suppliers can be found here.

On occasion Phoenix Natural Gas will need to carry essential maintenance on the gas meter.  We will endeavour to notify you of this to enable access to your gas appliances after the work is carried out. However, we know that this is not always convenient for consumers. 

If we have been at your property and left a no access card this will give the appropriate number to call to get your gas switched back on.  If you have any questions regarding this please contact our customer services team on 03454 55 55 55.

Natural gas is the fuel of choice for many consumers across Europe with 20 million customers in Great Britain alone. Phoenix Natural Gas continually monitors the system for safety and operates a 24-hour emergency response service, 365 days a year. All gas appliances should be correctly installed by a Gas Safe registered installation company and should be checked annually.

Natural gas is a very convenient, clean and versatile fuel. But like all fuels it must be handled wisely to ensure its safety and efficiency. If you think you smell gas, you should contact the 24-hour gas emergency service on 0800 002 001 or click here for further advice.


No. All installers who are eligible to carry out natural gas work have been registered with Gas Safe Register, which is the national watchdog for gas safety in the UK. Many of these installers will also be registered with Phoenix Natural Gas, which ensures that you can take advantage of our many offers and incentives for new customers switching to natural gas.

A number of installation companies offer a finance facility which allows you to install a new high efficiency natural gas system and spread the cost of installation over a fixed number of months.

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