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To ensure transparency and fairness for all Gas Suppliers utilising its system, we publish a Network Code which details the rights and obligations of both us as the operator of the system and each Gas Supplier transporting gas using our Network.

The management of the Network Code processes is the responsibility of the Transportation Services Department within Phoenix who provide 24 hours per day cover for pipeline activities. Any party wishing to supply gas to consumers in our licensed area must accede to the Phoenix Distribution Network Code.

The Network Code is also supported by a suite of Side Agreements. Copies of the Side Agreements are provided by us to Gas Supplier's wishing to enter our licensed area gas market as part of the Network Code accession process.

More information about our Distribution Network Code can be found here.

If you require information on accession to the Network Code or on any further information on Transportation Services you should contact:

Christopher Doherty 
Transportation Services Manager
Phoenix Natural Gas Ltd
197 Airport Road West
Belfast BT3 9ED

Tel No: 028 9057 8857

Email: TransServices@phoenixnaturalgas.com