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Corporate Responsibility

Operating in a ethically and socially responsible manner is at the core of how we operate our business.  Phoenix Natural Gas is highly committed to being a Responsible Business and our CSR ambition forms an integral part of our overall Corporate Vision: "to be recognised for excellence as a world leading energy utility."

The Phoenix Natural Gas Responsible Business Report - 2020 outlines in further detail the many ways in which creating positive impact and legacy for our customers, colleagues and communities is embedded across our operations.

Phoenix Natural Gas published its first Responsible Business Programme in 2019

Responsible Business Report 2020

Our CSR responsibilities as detailed within our Responsible Business report include:

  • To continue providing low carbon solutions to homes and businesses, supporting net zero carbon targets.
  • To minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, aiming for a sustainable approach to the use of resources, reducing our use of energy, water and paper, avoiding irresponsible disposal of hazardous products and unnecessary waste.
  • Act as an environmentally responsible business by supporting biodiversity projects and initiatives within the community that we serve.
  • Operate with high standards in respect of health, safety and worker protection, and as a minimum comply with all relevant regulations and standards.
  • Promote the health and well-being of our staff to ensure that we maintain a happy, healthy, and engaged workforce.  Create a positive working environment that, where possible, provides staff with the opportunities to fulfil their potential and achieve their career aspirations.
  • Always be non-discriminatory (whether on grounds of gender, race, disability or other), and maintain the highest standards of equality and diversity in our employment practices.
  • To create a positive impact for our stakeholders and the community we serve through meaningful engagement, contribution, and volunteering.
  • To maintain the highest standards of governance in the management of our business.
  • Act with integrity in all of our dealings.
  • Maintain appropriate contingency planning arrangements to enable the continuation of key activities as a result of a major incident.  

We deliver our CSR Objectives through our LIFE programme which has been developed to provide an overarching framework for the range of initiatives carried out by Phoenix that positively impact our marketplace, workplace, environment and community.

Our commitment to responsible business has been recognised externally, with the company receiving the Business In The Community’s ‘Big Tick’ award for Corporate Responsibility excellence for over a decade.

Further information on the Phoenix Natural Gas LIFE Programme can be found in The Phoenix Natural Gas Responsible Business Report - 2020.

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Energy for Children

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Phoenix Natural Gas established the Energy for Children Charitable Trust in 2005 to provide financial support to groups and individuals that may slip through the net of the wider charity network.

Founded on the principle that ‘all monies raised go directly to local children and young people’, the Trust aims to reach deeper into the heart of local communities throughout Greater Belfast and beyond in order to really make a difference to disadvantaged children’s lives. 

Although the Trust was founded initially by the natural gas industry, it is now supported by a variety of different sectors and organisations locally as it continues to grow. Since its formation, the trust has helped over 8,000 local children and every month continues to help those who need it most.

If you know of an individual or group who could benefit from funding please contact Charity Liaison Officer Gillian Orr at  gillian.orr@energyforchildren-ni.org or on 02890 55 55 41.