Natural Gas: The Little Benefits

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You might have heard about how natural gas can offer instant heat and constant hot water but did know natural gas can fuel many other benefits for your home?

Whether it's taking control of your cooking, creating the perfect ambience with a stunning modern gas fire, keeping the laundry fluffy and fresh with a gas tumble dryer or to never burn a sausage on the BBQ again – natural gas has you covered!

Here we want to shine a light on the little benefits of natural gas appliances.

Control of your cooking:

When cooking with natural gas you get constant heat which spreads across the base of any pan, efficiency and above all controllability. You can see the flame, fine tune the heat and turn it on and off in an instant, making it an easy choice for precision cooking performance.

Cooking with natural gas also means faster meal times as there is no need to wait on the hob heating up, and quicker cooking means less energy waste which helps save money –  in fact cooking with gas costs half as much as cooking with electric – imagine all the extra meals that saving could help you make!


With a reputation for performance and innovation that’s affordable and family friendly, there’s a choice of gas cooker to suit all tastes and budgets, from those with contemporary stainless steel finishes through to the country kitchen look of a traditional range.

Natural gas can also fuel your alfresco cooking performance, offering greater outdoor grilling control with a natural gas BBQ.  As well as being more cost effective than charcoal and propane there’s also the convenience of knowing that you won’t run out in the middle of a big BBQ cook up. Natural gas also burns cleaner than propane and charcoal meaning it’s better for the environment and for reducing lingering smells in the garden.

Increasing numbers of manufactures have jumped on the trend for natural gas BBQs as their popularity continues to rise, meaning more choice on styles and price.

Creating the perfect ambience:

Nothing is more welcoming than the warm glow of a flaming fire.  Natural gas fires not only look inviting, they’re also the most efficient and hassle free way to heat up a room with a simple press of a button. 

Combining high heat efficiencies with low running costs, natural gas fires are easy to use and hassle free – no more adding coal, clearing ashes or minding sparks.  They are also a kinder option for the environment as natural gas burns cleaner than wood, with no fumes or particles being released into your home.


Minimal maintenance coupled with a wide variety of designs to suit all budgets and room types makes a natural gas fire an easy choice for a cosy focal point in any home.

Fluffy laundry:

Make every day a good drying day with a natural gas tumble dryer.  Easy to use and with running costs less than half that of an electric tumble dryer, natural gas driers are also kinder to your fabrics and the environment as well.

With energy ratings of between A to A+++, natural gas tumble dryers are reliable and overtime more than pay for themselves in fuel savings while providing trouble free performance.

Recent models have included touch controls, digital displays and microcomputer based temperature settings for sensitive fabrics as well as having the ability to auto turn off and remove heat when fabrics are dry meaning fewer wrinkles in your clothes and even more importantly less time ironing!