Provoking Thought with Down Secondary Schools

Png Beechlawn 9

Action Mental Health and Phoenix Natural Gas have launched a new partnership to deliver mental health and well-being programmes for secondary schools, with the first workshop taking place at Beechlawn Special School, Hillsborough and travelling to further secondary schools throughout County Down.

‘Provoking Thought’ is a specialist programme designed specifically for secondary school aged pupils and the new partnership will focus on delivering workshops to children in years 8 to 10, an area of specific need. The programme covers a range of information and workshops will be tailored towards the needs of this age group.

Speaking at the launch, Jamie Greer, Action Mental Health Service Manager, said, “Action Mental Health is a Charity dedicated to promoting resilience and well-being to future generations in terms of mental health. Recognising a specific gap in support for young people aged 11 – 13, we deliver the ‘Provoking Thought’ workshop to support young people and their key contacts in the area of mental and emotional wellbeing through a range of activities that are tailored to suit group needs.

“The interactive workshops are designed to explore issues and facilitate discussion around issues of mental and emotional wellbeing and include information on a wide range of topics, from challenging stigma around mental health to raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of mental distress. The session also teaches young people how to cope positively with stress, and provides a tangible source of support in the form of leave-behind materials.

“We are delighted to partner with Phoenix Natural Gas on this project and provide this vital support to pupils across five schools in County Down, starting with Beechlawn Special School in Hillsborough and running throughout 2018.

Commenting on the partnership, Jonathan Martindale, Phoenix Natural Gas Executive Director, said, “Phoenix Natural Gas has a strong corporate social responsibility programme and is actively dedicated to supporting the community which it serves. We are delighted to partner with Action Mental Health on such a pivotal initiative and help plug the gap in support for this age group.

“The Provoking Thought workshops have been carefully tailored towards this group and cover issues identified as being pertinent for young people of this age, making for a very impactful and rewarding workshop which will greatly benefit the pupils. We look forward to rolling out the programme in additional schools throughout County Down where we are currently developing the natural gas network and engaging local communities.”

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