Shylo Cycles to Success with Charity Boost

Png Warrenpoint 5 Jk

Shylo Pocock, age 7, from Warrenpoint has received an independence boost from the Energy for Children Charitable Trust, having successfully been awarded funding for a new specialist hand propelled trike.

Shylo has spina bifida and is unable to use his lower limbs, restricting his mobility. As a result, Shylo is very reliant on his parents for help getting around and is often unable to undertake activities independent of his parents.

After finding out about the Energy for Children Charitable Trust, mum Sacha reached out to apply for funding, “Shylo is such a sociable boy who loves being outdoors but because of his condition he was missing out on socialising and participating in family cycles. Thanks to Energy for Children, Shylo was granted funding for a new trike which he just adores.

“The safety features associated with this specialist trike means we don’t have to worry and it’s great to watch Shylo just enjoy being able to undertake a fun activity independently. The trike is adjustable and will grow with Shylo, meaning that he will be able to benefit from this equipment for a number of years to come. We can’t thank the Charity enough for their support.”

Charity Liaison Officer, Geri Wright said, “I’m delighted to see how much of a difference this trike has made to Shylo’s life. Having met Shylo, he’s such a happy, playful boy and it’s great to see him living life to the full and thoroughly enjoying being outdoors with his siblings. This is exactly why the Charity exists, to help local children like Shylo who are most in need,” added Geri.

Energy for Children is an initiative of Phoenix Natural Gas and the wider natural gas industry. The Charity was established in 2005 to provide financial support to groups and individuals that may slip through the net of the wider charity network.

Founded on the principle that ‘all monies raised go directly to local children and young people’, the Trust aims to reach deeper into the heart of local communities throughout Greater Belfast and beyond in order to really make a difference to disadvantaged children’s lives.

Since its formation, the trust has helped over 9,000 local children and every month continues to help those who need it most.

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