Whitehead Resident Switches on to Natural Gas

110719 Whitehead B

Whitehead resident, Reg Rendell recently became the first customer to connect to the Phoenix Natural Gas network in the town as part of a major £3 million investment to extend the natural gas pipeline to an additional 1,600 properties in the area.

Having constructed the natural gas pipeline throughout the town in recent months, work for this year has completed ahead of schedule and the benefits of natural gas can now be enjoyed by over 800 local properties. 

Speaking about his experience, Reg said, “When I saw that Phoenix Natural Gas was coming to Whitehead I knew I wanted to make the switch. We wanted something that was easier, more convenient and that would save me having to check the tank each month to see how much was left.

“The whole process with Phoenix Natural Gas and our gas safe installer was so smooth and only took a couple of days to complete.  I was amazed at how much space we saved by electing to install a combi-boiler as it meant we were able to remove our oil and water tanks, giving us more room in the house as well as the garden.

“Since installing natural gas we can have hot, powerful showers in the morning and a bath whenever we want and managing the system is just so simple.  I’m delighted with how straightforward the whole process has been and the service we’ve received.  I’ve already recommended making the switch to Phoenix Natural Gas to my family, friends and neighbours.”

Neil McCracken, General Manager of Sales at Phoenix Natural Gas said, “I am delighted that customers in Whitehead are now able to connect to the natural gas network and I congratulate Reg on being the first customer to install natural gas in his home.

“There has been lots of interest across Whitehead from customers keen to make the switch to natural gas and with 800 properties now with access to the natural gas network I look forward to helping even more local residents become Phoenix Natural Gas customers in the coming months.”

Phoenix Natural Gas is extending the natural gas pipeline to 1,600 properties in Whitehead. In 2019 we laid approximately 8km of pipeline, connecting 800 properties with work completed ahead of schedule with further works planned.