Energy Transition Report

Energy Transition Report

Northern Ireland benefits from one of the most modern and efficient gas networks in the world and by the end of 2022 will be distributing gas to around 320,000 homes and businesses locally.  

Natural gas users have embraced natural gas due to its wider environmental, economic and lifestyle benefits and we recognise that as we seek to look at energy for the future, consumers must be at the heart of energy transition and that cost effective and less disruptive technologies will be favoured by energy consumers.  

The natural gas infrastructure is equipped and uniquely sized to be able to support the long-term lower carbon needs of Northern Ireland, providing a practical solution for a lower carbon economy without the need for significant investment in network upgrade, disruption to existing homes and business and considerable behavioural changes to energy users heating needs.

Further information on the natural gas industry, and its potential to deliver lower carbon solutions can be found in the Natural Gas - Delivering a Lower Carbon Future Report

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