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Reporting Energy Theft

Energy theft is dangerous

It places whole households and communities at risk. It can cause damage to property, personal injury and even fatalities.  

Energy theft is illegal

Energy theft is a crime. It can lead to prosecution like any other form of theft, leading to a criminal record for the householder.

Energy theft is paid for by all consumers

Energy theft is not a victimless crime. It increases overall energy costs which are paid for by all honest paying consumers.

If you wish to report meter tampering or theft of gas you can do so in several ways:

Report to us: Call 028 90 555582 or complete the online form below

Report to Police: Call 101

Report to Consumer Council NI: 0800 121 6022

Report anonymously:

Crime StoppersUKRPA

Report Meter Tampering or Theft of Gas

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You can report meter tampering or theft of gas directly to Phoenix Natural Gas.
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